Learn about our amazing instructors and find the one that speaks to you.

Erin Liberty

High Vibe Living Leader

Erin Liberty is a life long learner and entrepreneur. When Erin created the High Vibe Living Community she had a vision that this group would reach far and wide into the universe to help those who needed more love and light in their lives. She wanted to infuse energy into lives. She wanted share all that she had gained on her beautiful awakening journey and spiritual practices. The High Vibe Living community has grown to be so much more than the place it once was. Erin is a very talented interior designer and she offers courses to other designers who want to introduce a energy and feng shui into their practice. Erin also trains designers on how to grow their businesses virtually. Erin is a master manifester and she teaches her business clients what is required to find their purpose, be of service and grow their businesses exponentially. Whether you want to work with Erin in one of her SOUL Life Business programs or join her bootcamp for existing businesses you will not be disappointed.

Chelsey Cooper

High Vibe Living Leader

Chelsey Cooper is a Spiritual Guide and Soul Friend here to hold space as you walk the path of life. She discovered her own gifts through her healing from many hardships. Learning from mentors along the way who were able to hold up a mirror to her own greatness. Healing from grief and loss, and mending her own heart, Chelsey is here to do the same for others. We are all unique and have walked a path unlike any other, that can feel confusing, as we transition, change, and evolve. Chelsey is dedicated to helping you learn to trust yourself again, to tune into your intuition, and recognize your own magic and way of being in this world. Building your self love and confidence to live from a place of authenticity over feeling you have to do what you “should” Finding the ultimate freedom within.

Amy Connolly

High Vibe Living Leader

Hello! My name is Amy Connolly, I channel divine energies & healings into a variety of service and product offerings. I am a channel and I work with energy, the Chakras, Deities, Archangels, Ascended Masters, the Highest Self, and passed loved ones. Inner child healing, deep inner healing & past life healing can feel overwhelming and having space held for you and guidance can assist throughout the process, we all receive help somewhere along our journey; I guide others through the journey with healings, readings, and coaching courses. I faced tremendous trauma of all forms shapes and sizes since birth and in many past lives, I learned how to heal and am here to guide others through the self love & inner healing they are seeking. I believe in divine timing, and if you’re thinking of investing in yourself & your journey, it is not a coincidence; it is, in fact, a wonderful synchronization.