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At high vibe living we are all about creating a place where you can find everything you need to learn, teach and grow on your spiritual journey. We truly believe we are all here to serve the collective, live our highest purpose and experience the best life possible.

This website will offer you the opportunity to join our community and take advantage of the spiritual course offerings. We offer all kinds of coaching packages from SOUL Business group coaching to 1:1 readings. Not sure where to start? Check out one of our masterclass bundles and dip your toes into our magical spiritual community. Every offering is designed to be an energy exchange adding value to those we serve and those who give.
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About High Vibe Living

Erin is the owner of Liberty Interior Design Ltd. a full service interior design business. She has an interesting story finding her passion and purpose at 40. Using her unique approach to coaching, grounded in self-awareness and self-love, Erin helps her clients develop confidence, discover strengths, and assess how to turn their passions into a business or career that is authentically theirs.

Erin’s coaching draws on her past experiences as a senior leader, Chartered Professional Accountant, finance professor and, now, accountant-turned-interior designer and spiritual coach. With her creative mind and strategic business sense, she equips her clients with a roadmap to reach their goals and inspires them to truly believe their ambitions are valid and attainable.

After spending 20+ years in the corporate world, Erin turned her side hustle and passion for home design into a full-service interior design firm. Through Liberty Home, Erin helps her clients turn their spaces into the dream homes they have always imagined, and this passion for uplifting people and encouraging them to follow their dreams is what Erin brings to her career coaching business.

Transform Your Business. Infuse Energy. Find Your Purpose. Learn. Grow. Expand.