What we offer

  • High Vibe Interior Design Services

    Interior Design focused on improving the energy in our lives and our homes. We offer consulting services and utilize proven technics to assess your space and recommend changes to bring more flow, balance and harmony. Work with one of our talented Interior Designers who have experience with energy today!

  • High Vibe Courses & Bundles

    Our highly intuitive skilled instructors lead you through an array of techniques intended to higher the vibration of your homes and infuse energy into your lives. Choose from beginner to advanced courses. Everything you need to expand and grow blossoming in to the person you are destined to be. Explore our library of courses today!

  • Community

    At High Vibe Living we are all about community. We believe when we are living our purpose, we expand and impact the lives of others. Our private Facebook Community is a place where you can share and be surrounded by others with similar goals. Read our blog, contribute, become an instructor, join us for our nourishing educational retreats.

  • Book A 1:1 Session

    Our talented instructors have their own thriving businesses and they are offering you the opportunity to work 1:1 with them.

Our High Vibe Leader

Erin Liberty is the owner of Liberty Interior Design Ltd. a full service interior design business. She has an interesting story finding her passion and purpose at 40. Using her unique approach to coaching, grounded in self-awareness and self-love, Erin helps her clients develop confidence, discover strengths, and assess how to turn their passions into a business or career that is authentically theirs.

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About the community

At high vibe living we are all about creating a place where you can find everything you need to learn, teach and grow. We truly believe we are all here to serve the collective, live our highest purpose and experience the best life possible.

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Hear What Our Students Are Saying

“Erin is such an amazing individual and has so much magic and power within her, I did the business course with her and it completely transformed my way of thinking, helped me place my ideas into inspired action, believe in myself and get my soul business more established and on the right path that's aligned to my soul mission, she's brought inspiration, motivation, support, and community to my reality in a way that's life changing, and has been an amazing soul sister and friend along the way as well as an outstanding mentor and teacher I am so grateful for her and the way she's changed my life. I had to add this here too! Amy C. ”

Amy C.

“Erin has helped me so much! I see the growth within myself especially when it comes to business practices. In the past being more of a spiritual person I really struggled with sustainability and structure in my business. Erin taught me so many valuable ways to approach this problem and thrive more in my day to day. So grateful for all she shares and for being such a loving light in this world Chelsey C. ”

Chelsey C.

“I discovered Erin Liberty's 'How To Launch Your S.O.U.L. Life Business' course, decided to take the leap, and I am so incredibly grateful and glad that I did! Having no business background myself whatsoever, I found the information and resources given in this course, invaluable. I cannot imagine, on my own, stumbling across even half of the material Erin covers in this course! Erin provided not only a wealth of information, but she was also a massive support! She would make herself available throughout the week to anyone who felt stuck regarding different aspects of their business. I, myself, reached out to her for some help with my initial 'road map', or outline of my business goals, and she was not only remarkably savvy, but exceptionally helpful. Erin creates a community of support with the other people taking the class as well, and I cannot give enough positive praise in this regard. Being part of a group of people who have your back, who you can reach out to, week after week, was not only comforting, but also priceless! I recommend this course, 100%, to anyone needing business knowledge, as well as guidance and support, as they embark on beginning to run their own business. You will not regret it! It will go down as one of the best decisions you make. It certainly has been for me. ”

Eleyna B.

“Erin Liberty has such a high vibration, it draws you in, giving you confidence in whatever venture you are starting. Her upbeat positive attitude makes you feel so comfortable and takes away the stress or anxiety of taking that next step for your starting or growing your business and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. She is easy to work with yet is SUCH A GO GETTER and SHE GETS SHIT DONE. She encouraged me and helped anchor me in the depths of KNOWING and FEELING I could DO IT. Her tips and tricks are easy, implementable and they WORK. Overnight, I increased my Instagram following with the information from one of her Masterclass sessions. She gives clear direction and is always willing to help and cheerlead for your HIGHEST good. The reason I will continue to work with Erin, is because she operates from her Heart space and is here to help lightworkers in business – a rare find. Nikki B. ”

Nikki B.

“I am so grateful for what Erin has offered and the business strategy course. Even though my spiritual business has been up and running for four years, I had never come across anyone who offered strategy and the tools and resources that Erin did. I was especially grateful for the technology cheats and tricks. Not only did she make us aware she also showed us in real time how to apply them. Above and beyond that, Erin’s heart centred approach and commitment to all in the class was evident. We received the best of both worlds! Angela ”


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